Full Moon in Aquarius Sound Healing

with Saiki Wellness

For a moment of calm in the city, join Lauren Raby, founder of Saiki Wellness, on our Penthouse Terrace for the Full Moon in Aquarius Sound Healing.

With a guided Full Moon meditation and the use of specialised instruments including the Planetary Gong, Crystal Singing bowls, Himalayan bowls and chimes, you’ll achieve a meditative state, relax your nervous system and connect to a sense of inner calm. The sounds activate your parasympathetic nervous system, also known as your ‘rest and digest’ state, resulting in improved physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Full Moon energy illuminates and brings forward the subconscious workings of our mind creating an opportunity to heal and release what is no longer helpful to us. The energy of Aquarius invites us to step into our power by leaning into what makes us unique. It becomes a contribution and act of service to the community when we are aligned with who we really are and to be seen in this way takes courage. This guided meditation and sound healing helps to let go of the self-doubt or criticism that may stand in the way.

The benefits of sound healing are extensive, including improved sleep, deep restoration, enhanced clarity, creative insight, and a sense of lightness and peace. After, enjoy a complimentary cocktail or mocktail in our Nobu Bar &

Event Date: 19 August

Penthouse Terrace – 7pm – 8pm

Nobu Bar & Terrace – 8pm – 9pm

Offer Details:

Offer details:

  • Ticketed event via Eventbrite
  • Ticket includes 1 hour of sound healing and 1 complimentary
    cocktail/mocktail in the Nobu Bar.
  • Goodie bag

Please note that while sound healing is suitable for many people, there are recommended contraindications, which means it is not advised for people with epilepsy or seizures, fitted pacemakers or metal plates in the body, and those in the first trimester of pregnancy. If any of these apply to you, please do not book this sound healing experience.

Recommendations for attendees:

  • Wear comfortable and warm clothing.
  • Avoid caffeine or alcohol ahead of sound healing.
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